our history

The need to provide high quality products and ensure their organic integrity ensuring traceability in all production processes, creates the Organic Farm SRL company in 2015 part of the holding company of AGROSELLER SRL.

Part of the work of the company is to support indigenous and intercultural communities in projects that improve social, economic and environmental development, that's why we are a company committed to our producers and the environment.

our mision

We are an agricultural company that produces and commercializes organic products, offering differentiated products of high quality, with social responsibility taking care of and preserving the environment.
To provide our clients with products and services of first international quality at highly competitive prices, through our operational excellence and technological innovation.

our vision

Organic Farm has the vision of becoming a model agroindustrial company in the production and marketing of organic foods of the highest quality and at the same time be a factor of development of rural communities, through sustainability models, self-sufficiency, preserving ecological diversity region of.


We have the BIOLATINA certification, a competent service worldwide.
BIOLATINA complies with the ISO 065 guide (EN 45011) and is recognized in the European Union and in the US. before the USDA.



nuestro staff

Carlos Alberto Gallo
Carlos Alberto Gallo

Agronomist Engineer

General Manager of Organic Farm.

Fabiola Castro
Fabiola Castro

Agronomist Engineer

Field technician